I really do bite sharks yo

FASHION . on We Heart It.


Season 3 and Nev is done with all the Catfishers.

We’re looking for fucks and Nev has none to give.

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say something im giving up on school


goodnight internet friends i’m off to bed ily bye


My girl aint allowed to eat honey nut cheerios. wtf she trying to do? lower her cholesterol and live longer than me so she can find a new nigga? fuck that


this white girl on nip/tuck found out she’s 1/16th black and she got her boyfriend to steal bleaching cream because she was scared that she was gonna turn black and she put the cream all over her face and it burned her stupid ass


I’m fucking crying a disney blog I follow was asked if they’d rather date Hans or Frollo AND THEY PICKED FROLLO


I might be a psycho bitch but at least I’m cute and give great head 

yea i am


I love seeing people walking by with little smiles on their face because something small happened that made them happy. Maybe they got a cute text, maybe they got laid, maybe they killed a man. You will never know.


sorry I wasn’t ignoring you I was just watching 7 seasons and 32 episodes of this new show I found